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Sewing Machine Table

Sewing Machine table that could be used for displaying just about anything!.  Use for a decorative hall table, or for the garden as a reclaimed piece for potting on plants etc, all sorts of possibilities spring to mind.  The base is 3D Printed and the top is laser cut.

60mm high x 75mm wide

Old Sewing Machine Table




‘Re-claimed’ Cabinet door

These cabinet doors feature a patterned frosted glass, have been finished to look like they have just been removed from a very old piece of furniture and ‘waiting’ to be re-purposed either for another cabinet or just to be displayed.  Available with or without handle, price is for one door.  If you would prefer a less shabby look please contact me.

130mm x 40mm

'Re-claimed' cabinet door




‘Re-claimed’ door

This door  is more suited to being displayed as a pair of ‘French Doors’ or if preferred as just one for displaying as a prop.  Metal handle.  Finished shabby - all laser cut.

170mm x 58mm

'Re-claimed' Large Door




‘Wrought Iron’ Panel

Stand alone panel for general décor or placing in your own door panel, frame or whatever you like.  Laser cut. Finished ‘rusty’  Choice of 2 designs

100mm x 35mm

Panel A

Panel B

Just the decorative Panel - no frame or door

'Wrought Iron' Panel




‘Wrought iron’ (not metal) clock - non working - 3D printed

3D WI clock




‘Reclaimed’ wrought iron panel door - not metal but laser cut panel - available in different finishes

Reclaimed WI door




Sold Out

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