I get a lot of inspiration from my sisters’ flair at their home design.  A lot of the items I have made have been from their real life pieces around their homes.  

The picture on the right shows a cupboard cut out on my laser - there are over 52 pieces to assemble on this particular piece.  I decorate as I put together as it can be impossible to paint if completed.

My 1/12th scale pieces are mostly made with my laser cutter, whereas almost all of my 1/24th pieces are made with my 3D Printer.

I am so lucky  to own 2 wonderful  pieces of clever technology now made available to the hobbiest / enthusiasts without which I wouldn’t be able to create any of my pieces.

Mollysue Miniatures

Original Dollshouse

Scale Miniatures in

1/12th and 1/24th scales

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Mollysue Miniatures