Welcome to my miniature creations

They are for adult collectors.  They are not suitable for young children.

1/12th (1 inch)  scale and 1/24th (½ inch)  scale  are the available sizes.

All my items have been designed and made by me from beginning to end (unless otherwise noted).  I use a laser cutter and 3D printer to produce my pieces.

If you see an item or items in any of  my photos that you do not find on the site but would like to know more about, please contact me   -   I have so many things that I have not yet uploaded to my  site.

Please enjoy your visit and come by again soon.

1/12th (1 inch) scale

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1/24th (1/2 inch) scale

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 I do have a blog page you may like to take a peek at.  Whilst I do not update it as often as I would like you may find something of interest.


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