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An example of how I create my items

real piece of furniture

Firstly I have a photo (in this example a photo of my rustic table) or some other idea in my head.

a drawing of the full size piece

I then draw the design out and save it in a compatible format to send to my 3D Printer.

From this material (PLA) used by a 3D printer to print solid pieces to be constructed or sometimes printed in one piece ready for finishing and embellishing.

the material used
finished table before painting

My 3D Printer printing out the legs for this little table, they will take approximately 45 minutes to printout.  This table is printed in 6 sections, 4 legs, 1 middle section, then the top and all pieced together.

Here are all the parts together.

And here is the finished piece

from a drawing to a physical finished product in 1.12th scale
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