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Everything in miniature

1.12th miniatures have been a passion of mine for many years now - it's a wonderful world to be engrossed in

sue Kendall

I love to create,

I love to sew,

I love to design,

I love to make.

From a very early age I can remember I loved to make things. I learnt to knit at around 5/6 years of age, then went on to learn to sew and when I grew up I would make my own clothes. Followed many years later by sewing and knitting for my 3 sons. Now for my home.


My interest in 1.12th miniatures was kindled by my late Mum many years ago when we visited a Miniatura Exhibition at the NEC Birmingham, must be 23+ years or more ago. We were there for hours and hours it is a day I will never forget and I treasure the moments we had there. As we lived on Guernsey, it wasn’t always that easy to get to the shows but we would visit Miniatura as often as we could.


From those early days of seeing how talented the exhibitors are I now find myself heavily into creating 1.12th miniatures that are original, many miniature versions of life size items. I originally started making my pieces from thick card and layering up and then progressed to a laser cutter when I taught myself to draw out pieces in a software program and then translate to cutting files for the laser cutter. I used this method for many years and then along came 3D Printers and well the rest is history as they say. Once I got ‘hooked’ on this technology I was able to expand my design capabilities to incorporate intricate shapes and a whole new world was ‘born’ for me. 3D Printing has come along way since its inception and so has my drawing skills and ability to use software to create a multitude of items. If I see it I can (most of the time) ‘shrink’ it. I make many pieces from just a photograph.



I now live on the beautiful Isle of Man, famous for the TT Road Races. I feel very lucky to live here. Island living is idyllic but can be inconvenient for exhibiting as the costs of travelling and accommodation make it extremely difficult and expensive.

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